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Unsold Inventory Crisis Leaves Car Dealers No Other Choice

Unsold Inventory Crisis Leaves Car Dealers No Other Choice
North Korea says second ICBM test proves they can hit US

North Korea says second ICBM test proves they can hit US

PYONGYANG, North Korea — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said Saturday the second flight test of an intercontinental ballistic missile demonstrated his country can hit the U.S. mainland, hours…
Prison escapee kidnaps and murders warden’s daughter

Prison escapee kidnaps and murders warden’s daughter

A Louisiana inmate escaped from prison — then kidnapped and killed an assistant warden’s step-daughter, according to reports Friday. Deltra Henderson, 39, escaped from David Wade Correctional Center on Thursday…
McCain returns home for cancer treatment

McCain returns home for cancer treatment

Hours after his pivotal vote against an ObamaCare repeal, Sen. John McCain has announced he is returning to Arizona to undergo further medical treatment. McCain, 80, who was diagnosed this…
Trump rails about violent MS-13 ‘animals’

Trump rails about violent MS-13 ‘animals’

President Trump on Friday came to Long Island to rail about street gangs, singling out the ultra-violent MS-13 organization that has wreaked havoc in Nassau and Suffolk counties. “We’re going…
Pentagon says North Korea fired ICBM

Pentagon says North Korea fired ICBM

The Pentagon said Friday it determined that the projectile fired by North Korea on Friday was an intercontinental ballistic missile, according to a report. The ICBM flew for more than…
Charlie Gard has died

Charlie Gard has died

Charlie Gard, the British baby who became the subject of a bitter fight between his parents and doctors over whether he should be taken to New York for experimental treatment,…
That time the CIA tried to train cats to be spies

That time the CIA tried to train cats to be spies

It sounds like the purr-fact way to obtain secret information. But it wasn’t long before the CIA figured out that using cats to spy on foreign figures wasn’t exactly a…
O’Neill: NYPD is too busy to attend Trump speech

O’Neill: NYPD is too busy to attend Trump speech

President Trump will be on Long Island on Friday to talk to authorities about MS-13 gang violence, but NYPD brass won’t be attending — because they’re too busy with promotion…
Italian-Americans say Scaramucci gives them a bad rep

Italian-Americans say Scaramucci gives them a bad rep

The head of a group that fights bias against Italian-Americans on Friday blasted top Trump administration official Anthony Scaramucci for his profanity-laced tirade about White House leaks. “Let’s be clear….
Knife-wielding man goes on deadly rampage in Germany

Knife-wielding man goes on deadly rampage in Germany

One person was killed and several injured when a knife-wielding man went on a rampage Friday inside a supermarket in the northern German city of Hamburg, according to reports. The…
Notorious pedophile priest walks out of prison

Notorious pedophile priest walks out of prison

A notorious pedophile priest who was among the disgraced clergy featured in the film “Spotlight,” was released from prison Friday morning after serving 12 years for rape. Paul Shanley, 86,…
USC wants no part of O.J. Simpson

USC wants no part of O.J. Simpson

The Juice is loose, just not at USC. Trojans head coach Clay Helton said Simpson is not welcome on the USC campus after his expected release from prison in early…
Dozens injured in Barcelona train crash

Dozens injured in Barcelona train crash

BARCELONA, Spain — Some 50 people needed medical treatment after a Spanish commuter train crashed into the buffers at a station in northeastern Barcelona early Friday, Catalan government officials said….
Russia retaliates over new US sanctions

Russia retaliates over new US sanctions

Russia retaliated Friday for new sanctions from Washington by announcing it would seize US properties and demand a reduction in American diplomatic staff, according to reports. The Kremlin took the…
Teen digs up ‘stolen’ SUV in back yard

Teen digs up ‘stolen’ SUV in back yard

A family from Pottawatomie County, Okla., unearthed a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer in their back yard on Tuesday … and it wasn’t theirs. The son, Cody, was using a tractor to…

Promote your brand by David falor

12 Ways to Successfully Promote Your Instagram

We get it. You took an amazing photo, put on the perfect filter, uploaded it and now you’re waiting for the likes and comments to roll in your feed. It’s a great feeling and payoff when you know your content does well on Instagram. And for your brand, you want that feeling to be consistent.

However, getting others to engage with your Instagram isn’t as simple as uploading decent content and calling it a day. Your brand must understand how to promote your Instagram to reach your biggest audience possible. There’s more than 700 million users and casting the perfect net with your promotions can reel in big rewards.

The hard part is just learning how to promote your Instagram for success. It shouldn’t take a PR expert to make you successful, so skip the pay-per-follower sites and follow these 12 tips to organically grow and promote your Instagram:

1. Take Advantage of Instagram’s Environment

Instagram has turned into a must-have social network for marketers. Even more so, younger audiences continue to seek Instagram for brand interactions, engagement and personality. According to the Sprout Social Q2 2017 Index, 51% of millennials enjoy brand personality on Instagram.

consumer social preference sprout q2 2017 index

The platform continues to be an environment of sharing, liking, tagging and commenting. Additionally, younger generations can be inspired to make purchases on Instagram, despite its limited “link in bio.”

Instagram’s core users can navigate the app seamlessly, although it’s not as traditional as marketing on Facebook or Twitter. The visual appeal of the app is unlike other networks as well. Images and videos from brands drive engagement, which only help you promote your Instagram even further.

According to our Q1 2017 Index, 60% millennials and 67% of Gen Xer’s said they were more likely to make a purchase from a brand they follow on social media. And the single-scroll environment of Instagram puts your content front and center in the viewer’s smartphone or tablet.

Think about how much more engaged your brand’s audience would be if they had to scroll through each Tweet one at a time. It should be no surprise that a report from Forrester discovered brands see user interactions on 2.2% of their posts, which is the highest by far per network.

forrester report graphic

If you’re a brand looking to promote your Instagram, this is the perfect network to boost audience engagement. It’s all about learning the environment and taking advantage of how users interact.

2. Professionally Showcase Your Brand Personality

When you want to promote your Instagram for your brand, the first thing to do is make a clear distinction between your business and personal accounts. For starters, you should optimize your Instagram account so you’re focusing on the audience and not just the product.

This means selfies, friend groups and travel photos need to stay out of your brand’s Instagram account. While it seems completely obvious, a surprising amount of personal content makes its way to brand feeds. Think of what your audience wants to see–not your friends or an inside joke.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean your brand’s Instagram feed should only be full of products. Polaroid does an excellent job of separating the business from personal without taking out the personality. Its feed is extremely inviting to both newcomers and fans alike.

Striking a good balance between business and personal can give a little something to all of your followers on Instagram.

3. Make Your Username Simple & Searchable

The majority of your customers know they can probably find you by doing a quick search on Instagram Explore. Your job is to make it as painless as possible to find you. Don’t make it harder by using different profile names across all your networks. Keep all your social media handles consistent and simple by following these best practices:

  • Simple and easy to spell
  • Same across social networks
  • Will last forever
  • True to your brand and company values
  • No underscores, special characters or numbers

For example, Revolution Brewery uses the same handle across networks, simply titled RevBrewChicago. The shortened username makes it easier for users to find the brewery, but by adding “Revolution Brewery” as the Instagram profile name, both are searchable.

4. Don’t Cut Corners on Your Instagram Bio & Link

In the same vein as your username, your bio should be just as simple and match your brand. Keep Instagram bios to a minimum, but at the same time, make sure you mention who you are and what you do. Because at the end of the day, this is one of the few places to truly promote your Instagram.

barkbox instagram bio

That’s why it’s essential to always have a link in your bio. Using URL shortening tools such as Bit.ly helps you keep your link concise and easily trackable. And within Sprout’s social media publishing tools, you have instant access to Bit.ly shortening for social posts, including Instagram.

sprout social url shortener gif example

While linking to your homepage isn’t the worst idea, several brands use this space to link to promotional, sales or other marketing landing pages. This way you can keep the move from Instagram to your site more cohesive.

5. Make Instagram Hashtags Your Best Friend

As a rule of thumb, hashtags are a great source of discovery on Instagram. Whether you want to increase your visibility or find exactly what you’re looking for, hashtags for Instagram are the best way to do so.

It’s a good idea to continually search the newest hashtags in your industry. The hashtag doesn’t have to exactly correlate with your brand, but it should still be relevant. Once you find some candidates, use them in campaigns, to find new followers and get that little extra reach!

Did you know 7 in 10 Instagram hashtags are branded? That’s why you should also look to craft your own unique branded hashtag to build more awareness around your profile. Using a combination of both branded and standard hashtags is a great way to track engagement.

instagram outbound hashtag performance

With Sprout’s Instagram analytics tools, you have the flexibility to track outbound hashtag performance by selecting any number of profiles. See what garners the most engagement and how your branded hashtags work in broader industries.

Let your creative side shine with hashtags like Nest’s #Caughtonnest, which shows real-life events captured on customer’s security cameras. Even hashtags like #AskWestElm show you simple party favors that can make your home a little fancier.

Lastly, monitor hashtags your competitors use too. While it may not be your intention to compete on certain hashtags, you could still end up discovering ways to better reach your potential customers.

6. Show Users Where You’re Located & Where You Visit

With geotagging features on Instagram, it’s easy to make yourself seen across your city or in other parts of the world. If your business has multiple locations, use geotags to promote your Instagram in various locations. This gives Instagram users a chance to see an assortment of photos and videos tagged at a specific location.

Geotags create a hub of stored content. It also gives you a great opportunity to see user-generated content showcasing your brand or place of business. From there, you can engage with customers that tagged you and thank them for using your services.

rock and roll hall of fame example

For example, if you search The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you would find the Instagram location tag. This is the official tag of the venue where you can get tickets or see others posting. Thousands of people use this geotag when they’re in Cleveland, which gives the brand plenty of engagement opportunities.

If you’re a brick and mortar store, Instagram geotags can be critical to effectively promoting your Instagram. Make sure your business is geotagged so customers can post their photos. Additionally, Instagram uses Facebook’s API to locate business results on the platform. Check your Facebook location settings to ensure you’re set up correctly.

instagram management gif

7. Avoid Hard Sells & Focus on Recognition

Promoting your Instagram needs its subtleties–otherwise, your page will look like a billboard of advertisements. It’s always best to mix up your feed by avoiding constant hard-sell posts.

Unless you’re a major brand with massive recognition, you have to be a bit more subtle with selling. When users come to your feed, try to engage instead of directly sell. There are so many other creative ways you can sell to your audience without seeming like a shady used-car salesman.

For example, Lush Cosmetics is smart about the way they sell its product. Instead of going into grave detail about why you need it, the Instagram photo does all the talking alongside an informative caption. This is a visual space, so having your most creative folks handle your Instagram is a smart way to always look fresh.

Try to see Instagram as a promotional tool that drives traffic to your product pages. There you can do hard-selling calls to action and phrases. You’ll go far on Instagram if you can produce amazing photos and videos, but your message shouldn’t be lost or overbearing.

8. Stay True to Bright & Blue

If you’re following the appropriate steps to promote your Instagram, here’s a trick you might want to explore. According to Curalate, a visual analytics and marketing platform, images with high levels of blue can generate up to 24% more likes than those with red or orange colors.

expedia instagram blue example

Additionally, photos that are brighter-colored can increase engagement by 24% as well when compared to darker images. With nearly 65% of Instagram posts receiving between 0 and 10 likes, it’s important to find any way possible to get more people to like, engage and respond to your posts.

We’re definitely not recommending for every single Instagram photo to be blue, but when you put in the time and effort into a post, you’re more likely to see your audience participate.

9. Use Other Networks to Promote Your Instagram

While it’s important to focus on new ways to promote your Instagram, you can’t keep your efforts to just one network. To truly build your audience and promote your brand on Instagram, post links to your feed on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

According to Social Media Examiner, each social channel has its own uniqueness when it comes to building an audience and promotion. On the other hand, you can’t put all your eggs in one Instagram basket.

We are halfway through our jersey giveaway! Follow us on Instagram for the chance to win a  jersey! Four jerseys still remain! 👕👚




Try to promote across primary channels to boost Instagram traffic and followers. For example, the Blackhawks Store promotes its Instagram with giveaways.

10. Make Your Instagram Stand Out Among the Crowd

It’s a good idea to use Instagram’s visual appeal to your advantage. You want to show off your product, services or employees in the best light, so why would you ever take poor pictures of them?

You can make Instagram special for your audience so they know this is where they can go to see the products or services in action. Or you try to use Instagram as a sole creative space for your brand, much like the company Reynolds Wrap.

reynolds kitchens instagram profile

The second you amaze your audience with your content, you earn their trust to follow and engage with you. At the same time, don’t veer off the path too much. Some businesses use Instagram a little too freely to express their brand. Try to stick to your brand voice and make sure each post resonates with that vibe.

11. Don’t Be Afraid to Jump on a Popular Trend

While it’s great to use unique Instagram post ideas, it’s not always so easy coming up with them. If you’re struggling for new ideas, try something you know is popular. Various social media trends change with the weather, but if you strike gold, you’ll see the payoff.

For example, one of the biggest trends in social media is face filters for selfies. Even though Snapchat started the game, both Facebook and Instagram are in the space. You can also take advantage of Instagram Stories to post fun and unique content with stickers, filters and other effects.

taco bell story

Taco Bell frequently uses Instagram Stories to make content resonate with viewers. This provides them with more ways to showcase their brand personality and ultimately helps promote their Instagram feed.

In-the-moment videos are popular enough for brands to get in the game. A report from Recode found Instagram Stories hit 250 million users, growing more than Snapchat.

recode instagram stats

It’s always good to be in the know of social trends because they can easily help you drive traffic and build awareness without consistently creating new ideas.

12. Track Your Growth for Success

How will you know where to improve your promotion strategy on Instagram if you’re not tracking anything? This is an important question to ask yourself because so many brands tend to pick and choose different ways to promote their Instagram. But many don’t track their steps to see if it developed a positive outcome.

top instagram posts report

With Instagram analytics, you can successfully measure the performance of each post with presentation-ready reports to back up your claims. By monitoring your Instagram activity, you have better insights on engagement ratings and overall audience growth.

Whether you have to manage one or multiple Instagram accounts, Sprout Social gives you the tools to measure the performance of each social profile. If you try to blindly promote your Instagram, you’ll end up missing out on what changes worked well and which ones fell short.

There’s so much that can go into a successful post, so make sure you have a better idea on your Instagram strategy by tracking key metrics.

Promoting books David Falor

When a new author presses the ‘publish’ button and creates their first ever title, what happens next?

Now more than ever, success in self-publishing is all about ‘discoverability’, especially if you want to spread the word about your very first self-published novel (or your second or third but for the complete beginner in particular, it’s even more daunting).

Which extra strategies will best help spread the word?

Once the big day has come and gone and the initial rush of sales has (hopefully) happened, once you’ve told everyone you already know that it’s out there and numbers have begun to stall, how then do you continue to spread the word without continuously tweeting ‘buy my book, here’s my book, oh by the way, buy my book?’

Here are some of the technical tools you can toy around with to help progress your reach. Many of these are Amazon based as most self-published authors make a large percentage of income there, but some are not related to Amazon and are available to all.

1. Freebie launch – Also Boughts

Build up your ‘also boughts’ and reviews with a freebie launch, which is basically the books that appear underneath yours on the sales page. These start appearing within a few days of sales starting on your book, but you can speed them up by using a promotion or giveaway.

 also boughtAs you may know, on Amazon you can opt to be in KDP select and utilize their promotional tools. One of them is being able to offer your book free for a certain period (up to 5 days in every three month period). These work best when you have more than one title, creating a knock-on effect on sales of your back catalogue as new readers (hopefully) like your freebie and come back for more, so increasing the sales of your other titles.

A book page with many ‘also boughts’ fulfils a browsing reader’s need for social proof. Plus, with enough downloads of your freebie, you could end up with 14 pages or so of ‘also boughts’ listed right underneath your book on Amazon, (up to 70 or so other books all bought by customers who downloaded yours), which in turn means your book may appear on those others’ pages. With a good thumbnail pic of your cover and a tempting title, yours may be the next book they click on. This results in more sales over time without you directly soliciting them.

2. Freebie launch – Reviews

when dreams returnOffering a freebie at launch makes it more likely that you will get more reviews early on. Whether they’re good or not is the risk you take – as is offering your book out to the top 500 reviewers pre-launch, but it’s rare they’ll take a first title if you’re not a reality star or an octogenarian actress.

In one of my recent promotions, When Dreams Return, a 14,000 word spooky romantic suspense, was offered free for 5 days across Mothers’ Day weekend. It led to 12 reviews on Amazon.co.uk – off the back of 2400 free UK downloads.

Only 2400?

The landscape is changing, and whilst this was a niche spooky romantic short story, it’s still an indication of current levels of downloads achievable, depending upon the book. The heady heights of Dec 2012 are a thing of the past, when many self-published authors reported 10,000 downloads just by putting up a 5 day freebie.

PERMAFREE – a quick note. Once you have more than one title available, offering a permanently free or ‘permafree’ first book in a series is a good tactic that’s familiar to many. In case you’re not one of them, you set the price as free on other platforms via Kobo, Apple, Smashwords or Draft2Digital.com. Then Amazon (eventually) price matches, side-stepping the five day limit.

However, for a new author, purely to build up reviews the launch freebie may be worth considering, as a review will still show ‘Amazon verified purchase’ even if it was free – proving that person downloaded it from Amazon, and are more likely a genuine review.

3. Freebie launch – Facebook ‘Boost Post’ Paid Promotion

Amidst all the fervent counting down to launch and pre-launch cover-teases, Facebookers amongst you may have noticed the occasional ‘sponsored link’ or paid-for promotion pop up on your feed. You can use this yourself and is surprisingly easy if you have a Paypal account. The promotion is only as good as the post itself however, and a rubbish headline or badly worded post may not get much reaction whether 100 or 10,000 people see it.

If you are to pay for promotion on Facebook it’s often most effective for promoting a freebie eBook. Using an attention grabbing headline, for an attractive proposition like a worthwhile freebie, it may be worth spending the money.

facebook boost post

Click on the ‘boost post’ button at the side of your post on your Facebook page. You’re offered a choice of fee to reach a certain number of people and your post appears amongst the other feeds more frequently than it would otherwise do, so more people notice it and (hopefully) read it and (even more hopefully) action it.

EXAMPLE – Currently the £18 price band promises an est. reach of up to 12.7k views and so on. Once it’s up and running it counts down the amount of money left to use, and gives you a running total of how many it reached. And if enough of these thousands of extra people finding out about your freebie with its laser sharp headline, and download it as a result, this paid for promotion could well get you higher up the free kindle charts. Which can then lead to even more benefits. You also get a summary once the promotion is over, like the one above – which was for a post promoting my website newsletter sign up in return for a free steamy download.

CHART POSITIONS – of course if you get in the top 100 in the Free Chart then even more people will see your offer since Amazon list the top 100 free right next to the top 100 paid for. A great cover and a good title can catch the reader’s eye amidst the 99 other choices, making yours the next one they download, thereby taking you even higher up the chart.

CASE STORY – Pre the above promotion, When Dreams Return languished around number 120 in the Free chart in UK. Once the promotion was up and running it dipped inside the 100 and headed on upwards as more and more thousands saw it due to the ‘boost post’. It peaked at No. 23 on day 5, just as the promotion reaching 22,300 people for £66 ended.

If you care to experiment, it’s worth dabbling in the lower bands to test the efficacy of your post/headline. If you see it start to take effect, you can always add more money to the promotion and continue it. It’s hit and miss if you don’t get the right offer or the right headline – but it’s a weapon in your armory over which you have total control and full reporting afterwards. And it’s especially good for freebie offers.

[Note from Joanna: Please be VERY careful with paying for Facebook advertising, especially for free books, as it is very easy to spend too much money for very little return.]

NB nearly two weeks after the freebie promotion, this title is still selling enough to remain at around 1880 in the Kindle UK paid charts, possibly helped by still being in the top 5 on these niche categories. See 9 below.

4. Reduced Price Offer – KDP Countdown

Once your book has been at a certain higher price for at least a month, you can use the relatively new KDP Countdown system. It allows you to run a reduced price offer – preferably a substantial reduction – for a short period, all the while showing how many days and hours left before the price reverts to the higher level. The most useful aspect of this, if you’re a little geeky, is the statistics chart you can generate at any moment from ‘Reports,’ showing the difference the offer has made to sales, pounds per hour and items per hour, comparing figures from before and after the offer.

CASE STORY– Till the Fat Lady Slims, a weight loss book down from £2.99 to 99p for just four days over Mothers’ Day weekend, went from 20p per hour to £2.23 per hour royalties, an increase of 1015% on the previous week. This type of reporting can really help you decide whether to do price promotions again, monitor more specifically the various variations on your offers, (eg do it at £1.49 next time) and whether therefore to remain in KDP Select (click here for an alternative viewpoint), or abandon it and use other platforms not just Amazon (see below.)

This promotion will also (hopefully) enhance numbers sold, which in turn can raise chart position, increase number of reviews and improve ‘also boughts.’

KDP Countdown Screenshot

5. First Chapter Freebies

Pick out a specific section of your book and upload it as a separate title as a freebie, making it very clear it’s an initial instalment – particularly useful if you have only one title.

However, it’s got to satisfy, and be worthwhile as a stand-alone – or should have a really tempting cliff-hanger at the end – so that the freebie may entice readers to go for the rest of the novel once they’ve read the first bit.

Make sure it’s well written in order to (hopefully) counteract any chance the reader might feel cheated eg if you haven’t made it clear it’s only the first part of your story.

It may also be worth ‘unpublishing’ that instalment once the freebie is over, to avoid bad reviews if someone inadvertently pays for it, not realising it’s short or incomplete (not everyone reads the product description). Unpublishing is fairly easy, but if you are in KDP Select, the title can’t be published elsewhere for the desired length of time (90 days even if a book is unpublished.)

You can also use the freebie on Wattpad, or as a giveaway on your author site.

6. Choose a niche category to enhance the chances of charting higher

niche categoriesExplore the niche categories on Amazon and pick your two genre/categories wisely, aiming for the more niche ones if you think it will enhance the chances of getting to the top of that chart. Whatever you’re writing, there will be some people exploring the other books in the chart their last book appeared in. Fewer obviously in more niche categories, but if you get to number one in that chart in a paid for offer (not a freebie) you can legitimately call yourself a ‘best seller’ on Amazon as your book got to number one in that chart – even if it was ‘KindleStore/Books/Fiction/Romance/Paranormal/Ghosts.’

CASE STORY – By the time it was number 44 in the overall Kindle Free UK Chart, When Dreams Return also got to number 1 in the more important ‘KindleStore/Books/Fiction/Horror’ chart too. If I’d chosen ‘short stories’ as the second category, not Horror, I may not have charted that highly at all.

7. Updates, from a personal angle

Finally, if you are left with only your own social media platforms to try to encourage more people to click on your book link, at least make it personal.

‘Had a really nice review already from A James on my new freebie romance eBook – how lovely it feels to read such positive feedback – thank you @A L James! #WhenDreamsReturn. Still at 99p till midnight’

‘My short story #WhenDreamsReturn still 99p till midnight – lots of good reviews, check it out! (Plus link)’.

Often any tweet with a link is just overlooked by the seasoned Tweeter, as they merely skim down the newsfeed on the home page – they follow so many people on Twitter it’s impossible to keep up with them all.

Do your own research by looking down the twitter newsfeed and deciding which tweets you’d ignore and which you’d read. And as they say, always comment on others’ tweets, thoughts, observations, if you expect to get it back in return, someday.

These are just a few observations which are easily accessible and possible of use in building your reach for your first novel.

Linkin Park cancels tour in wake of frontman's suicide

Linkin Park cancels tour in wake of frontman’s suicide

Khloé slams trolls over O.J. Simpson dad claims

Khloé slams trolls over O.J. Simpson dad claims

Was Kanye involved with Amanda Lepore before Kim K.?


Was Kanye involved with Amanda Lepore before Kim K.?

Julianne Hough's honeymoon could cost at least $80K

Julianne Hough’s honeymoon could cost at least $80K

Joey Fatone wants to take his hot dog business on the road


Joey Fatone wants to take his hot dog business on the road

Madame Tussauds adjusts Beyoncé figure after vicious online roasting

Madame Tussauds adjusts Beyoncé figure after vicious online roasting

Maria Menounos thought brain tumor diagnosis was a joke

Maria Menounos thought brain tumor diagnosis was a joke



David Arquette sells $8M mansion0:40

David Arquette sells $8M mansion



The cast of 'Mad Men' then and now11

The cast of ‘Mad Men’ then and now

Common donates $10K to Harlem school

Common donates $10K to Harlem school

The rapper-actor partnered with the nonprofit AdoptAClassroom.org and Burlington Stores to give Renaissance School of the Arts in Harlem the funds on Thursday
Mariah debuts a new look in Vegas

Mariah debuts a new look in Vegas

The elusive chanteuse rocked several costumes of various levels of revealing for her final performance at Caesar’s Palace.

hacks by david falor

Personal Technology

More in Personal Technology »

  1. Deciding When to Use Your Own Router

    A modem-router combination from your internet service provider usually means less setup and simpler technical support but, sometimes, fewer features.

sleeping by david falor

Sleep tips: 6 steps to better sleep

You’re not doomed to toss and turn every night. Consider simple tips for better sleep, from setting a sleep schedule to including physical activity in your daily routine by david falor.

By Mayo Clinic Staff


Think about all the factors that can interfere with a good night’s sleep — from work stress and family responsibilities to unexpected challenges, such as illnesses. It’s no wonder that quality sleep is sometimes elusive by david falor.

While you might not be able to control the factors that interfere with your sleep, you can adopt habits that encourage better sleep. Start with these simple tips.


1. Stick to a sleep schedule


Set aside no more than eight hours for sleep. The recommended amount of sleep for a healthy adult is at least seven hours. Most people don’t need more than eight hours in bed to achieve this goal by david falor.

Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Try to limit the difference in your sleep schedule on weeknights and weekends to no more than one hour. Being consistent reinforces your body’s sleep-wake cycle.


If you don’t fall asleep within about 20 minutes, leave your bedroom and do something relaxing. Read or listen to soothing music. Go back to bed when you’re tired. Repeat as needed.

2. Pay attention to what you eat and drink


Don’t go to bed hungry or stuffed. In particular, avoid heavy or large meals within a couple of hours of bedtime. Your discomfort might keep you up.

Nicotine, caffeine and alcohol deserve caution, too. The stimulating effects of nicotine and caffeine take hours to wear off and can wreak havoc on quality sleep. And even though alcohol might make you feel sleepy, it can disrupt sleep later in the night.


3. Create a restful environment


Create a room that’s ideal for sleeping. Often, this means cool, dark and quiet. Exposure to light might make it more challenging to fall asleep. Avoid prolonged use of light-emitting screens just before bedtime. Consider using room-darkening shades, earplugs, a fan or other devices to create an environment that suits your needs.


Doing calming activities before bedtime, such as taking a bath or using relaxation techniques, might promote better sleep. 5

seeds inside of green pea, black background
Businessman with illuminated light bulb concept for idea, innovation and inspiration

Colorful border made of spring daisies isolated on white background.

news by david falor


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The year in reviewOur ten most popular articles from 2015

The most read pieces of the year on The Economist’s website


A FEW trends emerge from the list of The Economist‘s ten most-read articles of 2015. The theme of inequality remains top of mind for our readers; articles about Asian-Americans, working-class males and inherited privilege all found their way into the top four. Many articles in this list are amongst our longer offerings, suggesting that readers set aside time to read them rather than snacking on the go. And most of the pieces below are leaders, which tells us that our readers want to know not only what happened but what can be done about it. The top piece, however, is an exception to all these trends: a fascinating science report about a new breed of animal called the coywolf.    


Latest updates

  • Cyprus may have missed its last chance for reunification

  • Convincing injured tennis players to withdraw is a tricky matter

  • Triple-doubles in basketball reflect selfishness as well as versatility

  • Donald Trump’s speech could have been written by Poland’s populists

See all updates

1. Greater than the sum of its parts
October 3rd | Science and technology

Over a century of interbreeding between America’s wild coyotes, wolves and dogs has created a new species: the coywolf. The genetic mix means the animal has the size and strength of a wolf and the social nature of a dog. The new breed is spreading across America at an astonishing pace—even into big cities.


2. The weaker sex
March 7th | International

Boys once spent longer and went further in school than girls, and were more likely to graduate from university. Now the balance has tilted the other way: one gender gap has closed, only for another to open up. Now it is not women who are suffering, but unskilled men.


3. America’s new aristocracy
January 24th | Leader

Privilege in America is increasingly passed from parent to child. The clever and successful are marrying each other more than ever before, an “assortative mating” process thought to have increased inequality by 25%. The best solution is to help clever kids who failed to pick posh parents—and the moment to start is in early childhood.


4. The model minority is losing its patience
October 3rd | Briefing

Asian-Americans are under-represented in top jobs despite being better educated than white Americans. This “bamboo ceiling” applies in businesses as well as Congress, where just 2.4% of lawmakers are Asian-American. Widely held perceptions of unfair treatment are pushing many into politics, and the minority is becoming more politically assertive.


5. Shape shifting
February 28th | Books and arts

“Curvology”, a book by David Bainbridge released in February, discussed why men’s and women’s bodies differ more than is necessary simply to bear children. Mr Bainbridge says it makes evolutionary sense for women to plump up as they prepare to reproduce. It is this biology—not just brainwashing by the tabloid newspapers that splash images of curvy women—that shapes humanity’s appreciation of the undulations of the female form.



6. Generation XXX
September 26th | Leader

Pornography accounts for more than a tenth of all internet searches, and its availability has sparked a moral panic. Teenagers are seeing debauched acts at a younger age; porn has become their main source of sexual education. Parents and governments wish to stem the tide of smut with porn-blockers. A better approach would be to take a long, hard look at what is out there—and start to talk about it.


7. The silent minority
February 7th | United States

America’s largest single ethnic group, German-Americans, are barely visible in public life. Companies (Pfizer, Boeing) and politicians (John Boehner, Rand Paul) play down their German roots, while private citizens have have grown rich and assimilated without political help. German-Americans are so well integrated that they barely noticed when Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, visited in February.


8. Putin’s war on the West
February 14th | Leader

In February, when eastern Ukraine was in flames, The Economist discussed how the West could best tackle Vladimir Putin’s incendiary foreign policy. Mr Putin had a grip on the Kremlin, a new toy in Crimea, a weakened neighbour in Ukraine and a divided opposition in Europe and America. The critical point was and remains Ukraine: it should be a lesson in the rewards of leaning West, not its perils.


9. Trump’s America
September 5th | Leader

Donald Trump rose to the top of the polls for the Republican nomination in the summer, despite saying things that would have torpedoed any normal campaign. His secret sauce has two spices: a genius for self-promotion and supporters who view his boorishness as a sign of authenticity. The Economist advised Republicans to listen carefully to Mr Trump, and vote for someone else.


10. Watch out
June 13th | Leader

In June, The Economist said that the fight against financial chaos and deflation was won. However, having moved on from one recession, the world is not ready for the next. Rarely have so many large economies been so ill-equipped to manage a slowdown. The best way for fragile economies to get back to normal is to allow the recovery to gather strength first.

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The pieces on which readers lingered the longest

TWO events this year pushed all else off the news agenda, at least for our readers. Where last year’s list of most-read articles featured a mix of politics, finance, science, demography and culture, this year’s is dominated by Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump. Between them, these two stories account for half of the ten most-read articles on economist.com in 2016. 

When not parsing populism, our readers also studied the embattled politicians trying to tame it, notably Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Inequality was on their minds, too: in the skies, as airlines introduced a class below economy; and on the screen, when no black actor received an Oscar nomination for the second year running. The full top ten list appears below; click on the titles or the images to read the articles in full. 

1. A tragic split
June 24th | Leaders

Latest updates

  • Cyprus may have missed its last chance for reunification

  • Convincing injured tennis players to withdraw is a tricky matter

  • Triple-doubles in basketball reflect selfishness as well as versatility

  • Donald Trump’s speech could have been written by Poland’s populists

See all updates

The article on which our readers spent the most time in 2016 was the leader written in the wake of Britain’s momentous vote to leave the European Union. On the morning of June 24th we wrote, “Managing the aftermath, which saw the country split by age, class and geography, will need political dexterity in the short run; in the long run it may require a redrawing of traditional political battle-lines and even subnational boundaries. There will be a long period of harmful uncertainty.” Six months later, those words remain true. 


2. Time to fire Trump
February 27th | Leaders

Our most-read piece about Donald Trump came before he secured the Republican nomination for president, and well before his triumph in November. Though his rise appalled us (“the front-runner is unfit to lead a great political party, let alone America”), we did not discount his chances of becoming president altogether. We noted that “Mr Trump’s political persona is more flexible than that of any professional politician, which means he can take it in any direction he wants to. And whoever wins the nomination for either party will have a decent chance of becoming America’s next president: the past few elections have been decided by slim margins in a handful of states.” Yet despite our calm reasoning, we did not see his victory coming. 


3. America’s airlines are introducing a class below economy
February 23rd | Gulliver

Airlines have long profited from charging an arm and a leg for first- and business class while allowing the masses too little room for limbs of any kind. But why stop there? “Economy class”, they have realised, can itself be subdivided, and then subdivided again. First there was the creation of “premium economy”, which charges flyers extra for what used to be basic amenities. Now a new class is coming: “basic economy”, also known as “last class”. Travellers are willing to suffer all sorts of discomfort and inconvenience for a lower fare. This year America’s airlines decided to give them what they wished for.


4. How racially skewed are the Oscars?
January 21st | Prospero

For all 20 actors nominated for an Oscar to be white could be a coincidence. For it to occur two years running is, to many, a scandal, especially in years when many films with black actors were possible contenders (“Straight Outta Compton”, “Creed” and “Beasts of No Nation” among them). According to analysis by The Economist, the number of black actors winning Oscars this century has been in line with the size of America’s black population. Yet this does not mean Hollywood has no problems of prejudice. Hispanics, for example, are notably under-represented. 


5. The last big frontier
August 6th | United States


A migration of staunch conservatives and doomsday-watchers to America’s north-west has been quietly gathering steam. Thousands have moved to the “American Redoubt” (mostly Idaho, Montana and Wyoming) to soothe their fears of widespread social unrest, creeping government authoritarianism or nuclear war. Some firms sell off-grid homes in the mountainous, forested region; others train people to set up their own food-producing fortress-homesteads. The frontier spirit of America’s Old West is still alive and well here.


6. A background guide to Brexit
February 24th | Graphic detail

In the run-up to the Brexit referendum, our data team published a primer. It laid out the case for and against leaving the European Union, and included a series of charts showing Britain’s rising migration rate, its trade relationship with the continent, measures of regulation across the EU, and political realities in Westminster. Yet in a campaign that will be remembered for the phrase “people in this country have had enough of experts”, uttered by Michael Gove, a Leave campaigner and Conservative party politician, these facts held less sway than emotion. 


7. The Trump Era
November 12th | Leaders

“America has voted not for a change of party so much as a change of regime,” we wrote in the week that Mr Trump was elected America’s president, adding: “we are deeply sceptical that he will make a good president—because of his policies, his temperament and the demands of political office.” His election, we wrote, was a rebuff to all liberals, including this newspaper. In response, the long, hard job of winning the argument for liberal internationalism must begin anew.


8. Hating Hillary
October 22nd | United States

Two weeks before election day, we asked why “America’s probable next president” was so deeply reviled. Most Americans view her unfavourably. And yet many former rivals and colleagues speak of her glowingly. Few other politicians have a public image so at odds with the judgment of their peers. The notion that Mrs Clinton’s unpopularity is fuelled by sexism annoys her critics almost as much as she does. But it is otherwise hard to explain the gap between the measured criticism her behaviour sometimes invites and the unbridled loathing that has shown up in its place.


9. The Way Ahead
October 8th | Briefing

On the eve of his final 100 days in office, Barack Obama wrote for us about four areas of unfinished business in economic policy that his successor will have to tackle: productivity and wages; inequality; labour-force participation and preventing the next economic crisis. None of those has changed with the election of Mr Trump. 


10. Trump’s triumph
May 7th | Leaders

After Indiana’s primary on May 3rd, it was clear that Republicans would be led into the presidential election by a man who says he will kill terrorists’ families, encourages violence by his supporters, indulges wild conspiracy theories and subscribes to a set of protectionist and economically illiterate policies that are both fantastical and self-harming. “Fortunately,” we wrote, “Mr Trump will probably lose the general election,” while conceding that “there is the possibility that he might just win.” It turned out to be more than just a possibility. The first month of 2017 will see Mr Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States. 

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