David Falor – Professionals and a Role Model For Hotel Industry



As founder and chairman of Allied Hospitality

David Falor has long been recognized as a great hotelier, businessman and entrepreneur.

a) He took what began

as a single 300-room Hilton hotel management in Chicago, IL, and built it into a company that became a true success story continuing to buy and manage hotels or serve as third-party manager.

b) With hotels ranging in size

from150 to 450 rooms, most full service hotels branded: Hilton, Sheraton, Renaissance, Marriott, Preferred, and I.H.G. hotels as well as independents.

c) City, suburban, golf resort, and conference-center properties,

as many as 25 concurrently and 125 total over the years.Through his work and leadership many of his hotels have been Awarded 4 Star Ratings.

Falor says: “Throughout my professional career in the hospitality industry, I have delivered strong and measurable outcomes, meeting the many challenges presented. With the insight and instincts to make change and improvement, I have contributed significantly to our organizational goals and objectives” .


david falor
david falor



David Falor
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